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Phase IV - Lagos State Emergency Response Model

“Unite for the public safety, if you would remain an independent nation” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Time is a huge factor of emergency response, being a minute early could make a huge difference

Every second counts against public safety during a fire incident, which is why we extended our research beyond the globally-recommended response time of 8 minutes. The response coverage does improve between 12 to 15 minutes, however is still less than 20% of the entire state and responders may never be able to quench the flames if it has reached a point of no return (which is usually any time past 8 minutes).

Below is an interactive webmap showing the results of extending coverage to 12 and 15 minutes respectively.

The blue areas are within 8-minutes of a fire station, the yellow areas are within 12 minutes, and the red areas are within 15 minutes of a fire station

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